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Home. It means so much more than the walls and a roof. It's full of your memories and the collected things of the passing years. A home can be a bungalow, a mansion, a condo, or a basement suite. It can be a summer cottage, a new townhouse, an old character home or a third floor walk up. They're all the same to you, but to an insurance broker, they all mean different things. That's where we can help.


If anything happens to your home, you don't want to have to think about the details. With the right insurance, it's easier to move on when things go wrong. So plan smart and get a good insurance broker to make sure that you'll have the coverage you need, no matter what kind of home you have.

  • Single family home, special items coverage, seasonal properties, boats, ATVs.
  • Condo Insurance.
  • Tenant or Renter's Insurance.
  • Replacement Cost Coverage.

Affinity Insurance has experienced brokers and works with the top insurers in the province to make sure you get the best insurance at the best rates. We'll answer your questions, customize your home and personal insurance packages for your needs and always be there if your needs change.