Buyer's Checklist

Congratulations on the purchase of your home!

We've put together a list of a few things you'll need to do prior to the possession date. To streamline the transition even more, we highly recommend using ExpressAddress to make the following changes.

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Buyer's Checklist

  1. Talk to your Lawyers

    Choose a lawyer and have an appointment arranged approximately two weeks prior to possession (if possible). Keep in mind if you are purchasing a home out of the province, you will likely need to retain a lawyer that is licensed for the province to which you are moving.

  2. Book your Moving Van

    Contact the mover of your choice well in advance, particularly if possession will be near the 15th or the end of the month.

  3. Contact your new school

    Visit your new city or town's website for a list of schools available in the area.

  4. Update your utilities: Landline Phone

    SaskTel: 1-800-727-5835 | Shaw: 1-888-472-2222
    Allow 2 weeks for transfer of an existing phone or to arrange a disconnect.

  5. Update your utilities: Heating

    SaskEnergy: 1-800-567-8899
    We advise this utility to be activated at least one week prior to possession so that they can hook up meters and will be aware of the disconnect.

  6. Update your utilities: Electricity

    SaskPower: 1-888-757-6937
    We advise this utility to be activated at least one week prior to possession so that they can hook up meters and will be aware of the disconnect.

  1. Update your utilities: Water

    Contact your new city or town. Allow one week prior to possession to disconnect.

  2. Update your utilities: Internet/Cable

    SaskTel: 1-800-727-5835 | Access: 1-866-363-2225 | Bell: 1-888-759-3474

  3. Update your utilities: Security

    If the home has monitored security, contact your security company to de-activate the system.

  4. Update any garbage or recycling subscriptions

    Contact your new city or town.

  5. Update your address on the following:
    • Sask Health Registration
    • Newspaper Carrier
    • Post Office
    • Child Tax Credit
    • Fire, Auto and Life Insurance SGI (Driver's License)
    • Magazine Subscriptions Credit Cards
    • Rental Companies (water heater, water softener)
    • Doctor
    • Dentist
    • Other health care providers
  6. Final Move & Cleaning

    Ensure all non-attached contents of the property are removed and that the property is cleaned and move-in ready.

A quick reminder

If you are purchasing a new home, insurance on your new home needs to be in effect approximately one day before possession. A copy of your insurance will need to be at your lawyer’s office in order for them to place the title in your name. Ensure you keep insurance on your present home until funds are received and the title has been transferred (You may need to keep insurance on the property numerous days past possession).

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