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Marina Mitchell and Kale Harnett

For years, Affinity Insurance Prince Albert has been a strong supporter of the Rose Garden Hospice Association, showing their support through various fundraisers such as the Community Spirit Fund and dress-down days to collect donations.

Kale and his team are delighted to have played a part in the hospice facility's journey towards its grand opening in August of 2023, and Affinity Insurance has been proud to partner with the Rose Garden Hospice Association in managing all of their insurance needs.

About The Facility

The Rose Garden Hospice Association recognizes the importance of comfort in end-of-life care, which has been thoughtfully reflected in the layout of their facility and the people they have chosen to work with.

The facility includes ten private rooms for each patient, complete with state-of-the-art beds and private bathrooms. Family rooms are available for extended visits, and a tranquil indoor garden offers space for relaxation and contemplation. To ensure patients can access the mental and spiritual support they need, multiple gathering rooms, a chapel, and counselling areas are available to them and their families.

The Rose Garden Hospice Association enlists the help of expert care providers to tend to the delicate and personal needs of each individual's end-of-life experience. These include healthcare practitioners, therapists and counsellors, a social worker, and spiritual care providers.

Alongside these care providers is a dedicated body of volunteers working for the continued operation and success of the hospice facility. These volunteers assist with individual care, community awareness and support, fundraising, and overseeing operations and construction.

We spoke with committee member Marina Mitchell about the Rose Garden Hospice Association and how the support from the Prince Albert community has helped them on the journey to opening their doors.

Why did this organization start? Was there a story that prompted the organization's founding, or was there a need to be met?

Mitchell: This organization started in 2007 after my mother, Rose Dashchuk, passed away from a battle with colon cancer. At the time of her passing, Saskatchewan had no hospices available. The facility is named in her honour and memory.

How long has the Rose Garden Hospice Association been operating?

Mitchell: We have been incorporated since 2008.

Is there any recent news or updates that you would like to highlight?

Mitchell: We had our grand opening in August 2023 and started taking patients in October 2023.

Are there any ongoing or future needs for the facility?

Mitchell: We are always looking for donations as our operating costs are minimal from the government. And there is always a need to upgrade or add specialized equipment to our facility. (For example, Broda chairs are currently needed along with some air mattresses for our beds.)

What does the support from your community mean to the Rose Garden Hospice Association?

Mitchell: It means everything! We truly would not be where we are without the incredible support from our community; this project was community-driven from day 1.

Is there anything you would like the public to know about your organization, area of impact, or community?

Mitchell: We are always in need of donations and/or volunteers. Please contact the hospice for further information.

Getting Involved

Affinity Insurance is proud to support the Rose Garden Hospice Association and its mission to provide the people of Northern Saskatchewan with quality patient-centred end-of-life care.

If you want to learn more about the Rose Garden Hospice Association, volunteer, or donate, please visit their website at

To stay connected with the Rose Garden Hospice Association, check out their Facebook group.

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